How to Restore Files if Deleted from Trash in Mac

Have you deleted some important files by hitting the delete button accidentally? Do you wonder how to restore if deleted from trash in Mac? In most of the cases the users can find the deleted files in trash folder. Now trash is something which the mac users must be familiar with. Whenever the files are deleted, they are sent to the trash. It gets stored until the trash bin is not emptied. Items stored on the trash are very much recoverable. All you have to do is select the items you want to restore and drag it to the desktop or select restore button. But when you empty the trash, the items are moved out and is not accessible further. This makes users believe that the files are lost or deleted permanently from their Mac system.

But the fact is something else. The Mac HFS system is quite unique in sense because the deleted files still exists there and awaits to be written by new files. The deleted files remains intact and secured in the free space till it is completely replaced by new files. It is just a matter of time and coincidence that the deleted files from the trash might get deleted from the Mac OS. So, it is highly advised to act wisely and stop using the hard drive for saving new files, if you are looking how to restore files if deleted from trash in mac.


 In such cases, you can either opt for Time Machine application if you regularly backup the data at the end of day or switch to data recovery tool. Time Machine is the widely used application with Mac that helps in restoring the deleted files. But when you fail to backup the data, then you have to look for some professional tool such as recovery trash mac. The software is perfectly designed for recovering and restoring the deleted data even if it has been deleted and emptied from the trash folder. Follow the below given steps which are simple and easy to use and restore files if deleted from Trash Mac.

User Guide: How To Restore Files if Deleted from Trash in Mac

Step 1 :  Select “ Fresh Recovery “ option after downloading and installing the recovery trash mac software.

Step 2 :  Select “ Recover Hard Drive “ option,after emptying trash

 Step 3 : Select “Deleted File Recovery “ from four different options , if you want to restore deleted files from trash bin.

Step 4 : Once list of hard drive volume is shown , select the trash bin from where to restore deleted files and then press “Continue” .

Step 5 The list of all recoverable files will be displayed . Check your files, folders and restore the deleted items from the trash bin.

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