How To Restore Music from Trash

mac-trash-music-recoveryMany of the users have the habit of casually hitting on delete button. They know that it will move the file to trash and which can be restored to its default location later. Since restoring of trash Mac is easy. The same thing applies to any files whether it may be documents, videos, photos or music files. Users have the habit of saving files on desktop. Suppose you downloaded your favorite song from Internet and saved it on the desktop so that it can be located with ease. Later the music file is copied and moved to some other location. As a result same file is saved at two different location thus creating duplicate files. To get rid of duplicate files, users happen to delete the favorite songs from the Mac Computer. Sometimes, in an attempt to make some space free, trash is emptied.

content-bannerIf you created a backup using Time Machine or any other backup utility, it can be easily restored and you can have your favorite song on Mac ready to be played once again. But when there is no backup then what? Do you know that even if the trash folder is emptied, you can get back music files or any other files that was present on it. All you have to ensure that you do not save any new files on Mac, else it will overwrite and replace the deleted file permanently. One thing more if the secure empty trash option is enabled, then the files would be permanently trashed and there would be no hope and scope to restore music from trash. For every thing else, there is Mac Trash Recovery Software.

Why Mac Trash Recovery Software

It is capable of recovering data even when the trash has been emptied provided no new files are saved after emptying of the trash. All you have to do is download and install the software and let it scan complete hard drive to detect the deleted songs or music files. Once the scan is completed, it gives a preview of the recovered file. You can easily restore and save the desire music file after purchasing the licensed version of the software.

User Guide: How to Use Mac Trash Recovery Software to Recover Music from Trash Bin

Step:1 Download and install Trash Mac Recovery Software on Macintosh Computer Mac Trash Recovery Software Step:2 Run the Software to initiate the recovery process Mac Trash Recovery Software Step:3 Click on the scan option to initialize scanning of the hard drive for deleted music file Mac Trash Recovery Software Step:4 Once the scanning is over, the lost music file is detected as preview. Select the music file to be recovered using licensed version mac5


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