Is iMac Restore Files from Trash Possible

Looking for an effective way to imac restore from trash? iMac is most suitable for storage of large data including videos, photos and audio files without any major worries about space constrain. It gives the users a sleek and trendy option to save and store massive data with 1 TB capacity of hard drive. But one thing that bothers the users is how to restore data from trash on iMac. Like any other Mac based computer, whenever the data is deleted from the iMac, it also gets stored on the trash folder. The data if deleted and when stored on the trash is very much recoverable. Only a click of button is required to restore the items to their default location. iMac users can also drag the items from the trash to their desktop. But do you know the mechanism behind iMac restore from trash when it has been emptied. When the trash folder is emptied, the items present on the folder is not found and cannot be located in the folder. Information and entries of such files are deleted from the allocation table. Thus the iMac is unable to located the files.

But, actually the files still remains present on the hard drive and is 100% intact till it is not completely overwritten by new files. Thus only thing the users are required is that they should not write or store any new data on the hard drive of the iMac. If you save new files, there are high possibilities and it is more likely that it would replace the the former deleted data and occupy the space that is available for reuse. Once the data has been overwritten, it is almost impossible to restore trashed files on iMac. Thus, iMac users are advised to take immediate steps and respond in such situation to restore data on iMac with third party recovery trash mac software. It is the best way to restore and recover the data that has been deleted or have been emptied from the iMac trash without proper backup.


Follow the guide to know the steps for imac restore from trash bin

User Guide: Steps for iMac Restore files from Trash

Step 1 :  Select “ Fresh Recovery ” option on iMac after downloading and installing the recovery trash mac software.

Step 2 :  Select “ Recover Hard Drive “ option to restore trash on iMac

Step 3 : Select “Deleted File Recovery “ from four different options , if you want to restore emptied trash bin on iMac

Step 4 : Once list of hard drive volume is shown , select the trash bin to restore deleted files and then press “Continue” .

Step 5 The list of all recoverable files will be displayed . Check your files, folders and restore the deleted items from the trash bin.

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