Rescue Cut and Paste Files on Mac

Lost important files on Mac while using cut and paste option? Well, it is quite a common problem for several Mac users now a day. Cut, paste is really the most easy way to move file on Mac system, but sometimes it has been seen that users needs to recover lost copy and paste files Mac. Mostly this type of problem is occurs due to any kind of unexpected interruption during the process of moving Mac files with cut, paste option. In such situation users finds their files completely inaccessible on their Mac machine. It can neither exist on the previous location and get disappears from the destination as well. Emergence of such an catastrophic situation really hit the panic button in users mind. But there is no need to worry at all, because you can still get back all your precious data on Mac in quite an easy manner. However in order to do you will need to prevent your files from being overwritten on your Mac system, otherwise you may permanently lose the access of your precious files.


Well, the best suitable way to recover lost copy and paste files Mac is to take the help of backup files. in case if backup is missing then you can also opt for a sophisticated third party Mac Data Recovery Software. It is very effective, advanced, and easy to use tool. It recovers all lost Mac data safely in much less time. It can be used to rescue any kind of data on Mac such as files, folders, documents, images, videos etc. It provides just few easy steps to rescue files on your Mac system. It also maintains data integrity and restore all lost data with its original name and file type. The best part of this significant tool is that it is also available in free demo version which can be used to check the efficiency of the tool. therefore it is recommended to use Mac Data Recovery Software in order to recover cut and paste files on Mac in quite an easy and convenient manner.

Key Features of Mac Data Recovery Software

  • Very effective, advanced and easy to use
  • Recovers files with original and file type
  • Allows to rescue lost Mac data selectively
  • Gives the preview of all recovered items
  • Compatible with all Mac OS X versions

Steps to Recover Lost Copy and Paste Files Mac

Step:1 Download and launch Mac Data Recovery Software on your Mac.

Step2: Select the volume to be scanned from where data was erased.

Step3: Specify the type of your lost Mac files.

Step4: Now click on the “Continue” option.

Step5: Now choose the location to restore the recovered files.


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