Restore Files Easily After Making Trash Emtpy

Have you deleted and emptied the items from trash thinking them to be old and useless? Do you want to recover and restore files trash empty? When the trash bin is emptied, all its contents are lost permanently. Do you have the same opinion? If yes, you need to clear this misconception. We all are familiar with trash bin. You must have used several times almost regularly. The deleted items are straight away moved to the trash folder. The items can be restored from there and can be dragged to its default location from where it was deleted. But what happens when the trash is emptied. When the items are deleted using command+Delete keys. The files gets deleted and becomes inaccessible. Actually the files remains physically intact but the directory entries are deleted and not the file. Thus the mac OS is unable to find the location of the file by its name, size and extension.

The space occupied by such files is returned to the system and is readily available for reuse and storing new files in the future. This is why Mac users are better advised to stop using their mac computer further to prevent any additional writing of new files. Writing new files will overwrite and occupy the space of the deleted files and will cease all the possibilities of recovery. Replacing the file and renaming it will also overwrite the old existing files. In nutshell, stop using the computer if you want to undelete files after emptying trash.


In order to recover the deleted files, instantly look for some recovery program. The Recovery trash mac would be perfect option to go for. It is an easy to use recovery program for mac users that enables to recover deleted and trashed data even after emptying the trash bin. It securely recovers the deleted data if the files have not been replaced and overwritten. The deleted files can be rescued securely without taking help of data recovery professionals.

User Guide: How To Restore Files After Trash is Emptied

Step 1 :  Select “ Fresh Recovery “ option after downloading and installing the recovery trash mac Tool.

Step 2 :  Select “ Recover Hard Drive “ option, after trash is emptied

Step 3 : Select “Deleted File Recovery “ from four different options , if you want to restore empty trash bin.

Step 4 : Once list of hard drive volume is shown , select the trash bin on which you want to restore deleted files and then press “Continue” .

Step 5 The list of all recoverable files will be displayed . Check your files , folders and restore empty trash on mac easily.

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