Restore Word Document After Crash on Mac OS X

restore word document mac os xWant to restore document after crash on Mac OS X? The first thing which is most important to know in this context is whether the document was saved or not? If the word document was not saved on hard drive then the possibility for its recovery is remote. But if it was saved before it crashed then the case is different altogether. Crashing of word on Mac is common when the power is abruptly terminated while you are working on it. In such situation, the document is opened once again after restarting the Mac Computer. AutoRecover Option looks for the word document and in several cases, the previously saved version of the document is recovered.


Actually Word on Mac is enabled with AutoRecover option by default. You do not have to install it as it comes inbuilt. Actually, when you are working on Word document on Mac, the file is automatically autosaved every ten minutes. So even if the word crashes due to abrupt termination of the system the previous saved copy of the document can be restored. However, the recent changes which are not saved is lost. Moreover, if the word document was saved with a proper file name on the hard drive, Time Machine which is an inbuilt utility for saving backup can be used to restore word document after crash on Mac OS X.

Causes Why Word Document Crashes on Mac OS X

  • Sudden termination of Power
  • When the system hangs and word has to be quit
  • malfunctioning of Word on Mac

Important Tips:

  • AutoRecover should not be confused with AutoSave Function
  • If Word crashes and the document has not been saved, all the work will be lost as AutoRecover option fails to retrieve unsaved word document.

Best Solution to Recover Word Document on Mac OS X after crash When AutoRecover Option Fails

But in some cases, due to sudden termination of the Mac system, the document which was opened cannot be recovered using AutoRecover option as it fails to restore or the document goes corrupt and shows zero byte size. Then it is not possible to manually recover word document. Instead using Mac data recovery software which supports to recover and restore word document after crash would be an ideal option to go for.

User Guide: How to Run the Software to Retrieve Word Document on Mac OS X

Step:1 Download and install Mac Document Recovery Software and then launch it on Mac

Step:2 Select the drive to be scanned on which the word document was saved

Step:3 Specify the file type i.e. .doc

Step:4 Then press on “Continue” Button

Step:5 It will give you the preview of the document. Select the word document to be recovered and save it on specific location.


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